2012 – Geek Speak
(host, scriptwriter, pr media liaison, researcher, interviewer, & podcaster)

 Geek Speak provided a comprehensive overview of popular culture at the time. Our target market was PG13+, it was a niche market program, and provided coverage on news, trailers for movies, TV shows, comic books and video games. It presented all this in an informative and entertaining manner. We also produced a weekly podcast of which I was a part of for the year I was a part of the project (2012).

Our focus was on what is coming out soon/what’s new, what people are talking about, showing trailers, retro reviews on all past movies, tv shows, games and comics, and the Girly Geek Speak segment, providing a female perspective on everything popular culture.The original concept for Geek Speak began in 2009, as a ‘late night show’ with the focus to be just on comics, being shot in a local comic shop.

The concept was revived when the creators met a local stand up comedian through the local radio station, 102.7fm (of which all of the Geek Speak members were a part of). Between January and March 2012, several practice episodes were created for YouTube, to test audiences and work through what popular culture content was most enjoyed. I screen tested in early March, and it was decided that I could be brought on to provide a female perspective through Girly Geek Speak.

In March 2012, we received an email from Television Sydney (TVS), stating that they had seen the high quality videos that had been shared through the Geek Speak Facebook and YouYube, and wished to use the content on their station. The format of the program was then changed from 5-10 minute YouTube video clip size to a solid 15 minute block and Geek Speak turned into a pre-recorded, weekly, 15 minute television program, first going to air on 12 April 2012 on TVS, with 13 episodes commissioned, to be shown 4 times each week, at different time slots. The program also aired on Channel 31 Melbourne & Geelong, Adelaide 44, and Channel North and Triangle TV in New Zealand.

Unfortunately, I was unable to continue with the Geek Speak project as I moved to Brisbane to commence work with the Late Nite Show/31 Digital and Brisbane City Libraries.