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To whom it may concern,

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Amanda, otherwise known as Backflip Bacchi (there’s a story there- ask her), while visiting Australia as a guest for Oz Comic Con. Not only was she super fun as moderator of my panels she was absolutely hilarious as one of the hosts (the ONLY female) of The Late Show. As a voice actor for animation, I know cartoons and Amanda GETS it. She knows the audience and knows how to get them interested and involved. I can’t think of anyone more qualified to be a co-host for Toasted TV.

Monica Rial
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Paul Eiding (USA Voice Actor) Reference

My name is Paul Eiding. I’m an actor, living and working in Los Angeles.
Over the years, I’ve been called upon, by producers, to appear on television and radio programs, to help promote various projects. I’ve attended many Comic Cons, and other fan conventions, and spent a lot of time serving on panels and being interviewed by moderators about the acting process or about individual shows on which I appeared.

Over the years, I’ve learned that the quality of the panels and interviews, has as much to do with the calibre of interviewer as it does the interviewee (in this case, me). Also, the better the interview or panel discussion, the more satisfying and fun it is for the audience.

I say all this to let you know that TRULY, some of my most surprising, fun, enlightening, ridiculously silly, sensitive and informative moments have come when being interviewed by Amanda Bacchi. I appeared on,The Late Nite Show LIVE, a Brisbane television program. Ms Bacchi was co-host. The show was crazy fun! Off center and totally silly. At the same time, very informative.

She was moderator for my panels when I appeared at Oz Comic Con, in Brisbane and Sydney. That’s when I knew she was something special. She has a way of immediately putting the actors AND audience at ease. You instinctively feel you’re in for a fun ride. Even after all my years of being interviewed, Amanda, somehow had a way of asking me questions that hadn’t been asked before. Or perhaps, with her buoyant personality and open engaging smile, she was able to ask them in a such a fresh, new way, she tricked me. 🙂

I also felt that she was genuinely interested in wanting to know the answers. She seemed truly CURIOUS. Not just about what I do as an actor, but about the world around her. Her sense of wonder and honest engagement is quite disarming, charming and, in this overly cynical world of ours, quite refreshing.

What more can one ask in a television or convention ‘personality’.



Paul Eiding

Twitter: @4pauleiding