HI! I’m Amanda Bacchi, your friendly neighbourhood Brisbane librarian, and SEO copywriting specialist behind Anything But Boring Copywriting!

Why me?

I’m not boring! It has been an interesting few decades for me, hosting TV,  radio, podcasts, and moderating for conventions across Australia. I have been a writer, researcher, interviewer, copywriter, editor, public relations specialist, events manager, content creator, script and comic book writer, and librarian. Pheww!!

I have always had a natural affinity for words and have been an avid writer since high school. I have learned through life and my Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations, Journalism, & Media Studies that in business and art, we use words and stories to inspire, educate, and inform, or to ultimately convert or convince, to call our audience to action.

As your local SEO Brisbane copywriter, my first priority is to amplify your voice and your brand, using not only words, but also a range of analytical tools to ensure that not only Google sees you, but your audience does as well, driving traffic to your business leading to sales and repeat business. I have a great understanding of written communication and the ability to craft clear and effective messages. Some specific skills and knowledge that I have include:

  1. Excellent writing skills:  I can write in a variety of styles and formats, and should be able to create engaging and effective content that meets the needs of the client and their audience.
  2. Knowledge of grammar and punctuation: I have a strong grasp of grammar and punctuation rules, and can produce error-free content.
  3. Familiarity with different writing styles: I adapt my writing style to fit the specific needs of a project, and am able to write in a variety of styles, including formal, informal, and conversational.
  4. Knowledge of SEO: I understand search engine optimization (SEO) and how to incorporate keywords and other strategies into my writing to improve the visibility of a website or other online content. However, this is an area in which I am still learning.
  5. Research skills: I can conduct extensive research to gather information for a project, and have the ability to find and evaluate sources to ensure that the content I produce is accurate and relevant.
  6. Collaboration skills: I like to work with other members of a team, such as designers or marketing professionals, and have good communication and collaboration skills.


A little more about me….?


Amanda’s part-time work in Brisbane LIBRARIES blends her love of books with being able to help people with everything from reading recommendations, social media & online security tutorials, kids tech, lego & robotics sessions, to babies books & rhymetimes. She regularly runs events and workshops on gardening, craft, author talks, genealogy, & technology. Amanda is also a part of the Social Media Content Creation group for Brisbane Libraries city wide.

POP CULTURE MEET-UP – Since October 2013, Amanda (with her partner Paul) have been hosting a monthly meetup group at Brisbane Square Library. Our community (of over 300 people on meetup.com) gets together to watch/discuss movie trailers, play trivia, and share what everyone has been playing/watching/reading. We encourage local creators to share their work, and we are a LGBTQIA+ and mental health safe space.


SES – Wanting to use her Public Relations degree to help her community, Amanda joined the Queensland State Emergency Service in February 2017. She has been an active Field Operations Member, Regional Volunteer Community Educator, Support Club Secretary, New Recruit Liaison, and Public Information Officer (Media Liaison, Community Liaison, & Information/Warnings) who has operated from the State Operations Center during disaster events. She has been involved in several public relations campaigns such as ‘Get Ready’ Week. Check out some of her community engagement work here!


GEEK SPEAK – Starting out dusting shelves in a comic book shop in 2012, Amanda Bacchi was a part of a Youtube web series as the ‘girly geek’ host, interviewer, media liaison, podcaster and scriptwriter, discussing current TV series, movies, gaming, comics, books, and local events. Amanda’s crafty communication skills managed to wrangle the program onto 5 community TV channels across Australia and New Zealand for 2 seasons. See video scripts here!

31 DIGITAL – An interview about the webseries led to a permanent co-hosting gig with the weekly, variety/comedy program The Late Night Show LIVE on Brisbane’s Community TV channel, 31 Digital, as their pop culture correspondent from 2012-14. See TV hosting work here!

ZOMBIE WALK – Media coverage of Brisbane Zombie Walk in 2012 lead to Amanda hosting their main stage and costume competition in 2014-17. She was crowned the Australian Zombie Walk Queen (by Foxtel) for her cosplay in 2013, and judged cosplay competitions for the Brisbane Alternative Expo and Drawn2Life in 2013/14. See Zombie Walk media here!

OZ COMIC CON – After conducting some impromptu guest interviews for the Oz Comic-Con media team, Amanda was recruited to be a core staff member, and Stage 3 Coordinator for 17 of their conventions, from 2014-18. She was a host/moderator for comic book artists/creators, voice actors, film actors, and writer/author/publisher guests for the Oz Comic Con popular culture conventions across Australia. See comic con hosting work here!

#CHAOSFARM – In her spare time, she can be found at the Chaos farm; the home base for D’Aguilar Wildlife, for which she has been an animal trainer and presenter at shows, schools, and conventions for many years.

She is an avid gardener, loves to read, watches WAY too much Netflix, and spends lots of time with her family, friends, and birds.

How can I help you?!

Whether you need copywriting, SEO copywriting, blogs, content creation or more, get in touch!
Email: [email protected]