Punktuation Magazine Justin Courney Pierre Permanent Midnight EP Release

Music Review:’It’s ‘Permanent Midnight’ for Justin Courtney Pierre’s Latest EP Release’

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Punktuation Magazine Justin Courney Pierre Permanent Midnight EP Release

It’s ‘Permanent Midnight’ for Justin Courtney Pierre with Latest EP Release

Motion City Soundtrack front man releases fourth and final EP instalment of his recent EP series via Epitaph Records.

‘Permanent Midnight’ is a continuation of the pervasive themes that have plagued Justin Courtney Pierre’s song writing throughout his decades long musical career (and life); the unrelenting, existential, concept of the passing of time, his relationships, and personal battles with mental health.

Released over the past year, beginning with An Anthropologist on Mars in March of 2021, followed by The Price Of Salt in July and Ghost World in November, Justin’s previous EPs, for the most part, kept the sound and essence of Motion City Soundtrack. Creating on his own, however, he the freedom to showcase his individuality, explore new ideas and sounds, and let his personality and creativity take centre stage.

With this EP, Justin returns to the more traditional pop-punk sounds which will help to bridge the gap for fans (patiently) waiting on new music from Motion City Soundtrack. Which we HOPE is coming… the wistful opening song on this EP ‘Used to Be Old School’ is a reminiscence on the past, perhaps on the band’s touring years? But hopefully not an ending! What ‘grand farewell’ is Justin excited for? Let’s not get too worried!Permanent-Midnight-

Back at 45’, takes you back to the best of the rock-out, pop-punk days, upbeat and fun! The journey through fatherhood and love he has for his daughter, Max, shines through, with her on assistant vocals. So cute! Genuinely thinking you won’t live to have a family (because of mental illness), and then being able to share them with the world through your music must be such a joy, truly delightful to hear.

‘So Beautiful and Difficult’ and ‘House of Strangers’ return to a more contemplative, melancholic examination of the meaning of life, our lifetimes, such as many of the songs from Motion City’s 2012 album ‘Go’, with the slower, melodic rock style.

Lyrically, Justin has always shown shockingly genuine emotion. From Motion City’s manic, depressed, isolated themes on 2010 album ‘My Dinosaur Life’, to the last song on the EP, ‘You’re the Reason’, it feels like Justin’s life is in such a better place. This ballad is a beautiful love letter to his wife and family, with his usual self-doubt but also now, real hope.

As someone who has been listening since ‘The Future Freaks Me Out’ on ‘I am the Movie’ in 2003, I not only love the ever-evolving musical styles of Justin Courtney Pierre, but also that he has never been afraid to vulnerably share his life, now with the clear message of hope, and that life is worth living.

Both fans and new listeners alike will love the charm, the cheerful tones, the dreamy themes, and the emotional punch this EP delivers. ‘Permanent Midnight’ doesn’t feel like the darkness is closing in, doesn’t feel like an ending, it feels like a new beginning.


*Full disclosure: Motion City Soundtrack/Justin Courtney Pierre are my favourite band so I may be biased! 😊

Permanent Midnight


Podcast ~ Ended 2019

Welcome to the Most Popular Podcast and Webseries!

Started in Jan 2018 by Amanda Bacchi & Dr Paul Mason, the concept was created to record the weekly chats that they are always having about pop culture from around the world, and right here at home in Australia! With MUCH help from and after several discussions with the monthly comic book/pop culture meetup family (who have been getting together since October 2014 – every third Friday at Brisbane Square Library), this series was created to continue to bring people together through our common love of movies, tv shows, comic books, graphic novels, books, games, trailers, news, gossip, rumor, conventions, cosplay, and fun! We look forward to bringing you the very best educational, inspirational, and entertaining interviews with artists, writers, publishers, producers, podcasters, authors, actors, voice actors, who are at the very peak of their creative industries from here in Ausralia and around the world! There will also be regular updates and videos about Dr Paul’s work on Kid Phantom, through Frew Publications,  his other work with Gestalt Publishing (To be released), and anything else he is working on!


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Get Ready Week 2019

#GetReadyWeek had all of the QLD state emergency and disaster agencies working side by side to prepare our local communities for storm season… with ambassador JT!! 🏈⛈☔️⚡️

Notes. Attended by: SES, QFES, RFS, QAS, DMO, BCC, Red Cross, Lifeline, Bunnings, TMR, ABC Radio w/ Rebecca Livingstone (10min interview). 5x late primary school groups (10+ kids)’ 3x kindy age groups, public on way to/from work. Focus on storm messaging, some bushfire.

Brisbane Region SES Week Awards 2019

Today, I was incredibly honoured to receive a Brisbane Region SES Week 2019 award for special contribution to the State Emergency Service through leading the implementation of community engagement strategies for Brisbane City SES Unit!! So very grateful to the many SES members who have directed my enthusiasm and passion over the last few years (which I know can’t have been easy at times)! I am especially proud to have received the only award today specifically noting community engagement. Thank you so much to whomever sent in a nomination! 🥰🧡🎉

Was proud to stand beside the hard working award winners and national/service medal recipients today, especially so many from Brisbane Northern group! 👏🏼🧡
Brisbane Region SES Award Winners 2019
Brisbane City SES Unit

Queensland Fire & Emergency Services – HAZMAT Visit

Brisbane Northern SES group visit to the QLD State HAZMAT unit to learn about their functions. Station Officers took us through the site, educating our members on their role in supporting firefighters with specialty equipment when chemical, radiation, or biological issues arise. Their unit tests and reconditions all of the hazmat suits, breathing apparatus, and scientific firefighting equipment for the whole state.

Operationally speaking, the QLD HAZMAT unit deployed to Townsville to help with the cleanup in the floods at the end of last year, was a part of the teams activated during the G20, and can also be found at any incidence of house fire or gas leak in Brisbane.

Their team of expert scientists, who are also firefighters, liaise with state, federal, and international agencies to ensure that Queensland is up to date with all of their policies and procedures, keeping us as safe as possible! We all learned a lot and we’re grateful to extend or knowledge of the QFES family!

Suit testing.
Roll out! Off to a job (possible trapped in vehicle) on Gateway Motorway!

State Operations Centre ~ Public Information Officer

Just completed 20hr/2day shift at the State Operations Centre (SOC) shadowing the Public Information Officer (PIO) for the current QLD bushfires.

Absolutely honoured to be in the room where the top brass were making the BIG decisions for this historic fire event, coordinating as they affect several communities across the whole of QLD.

It was a phenomenal learning opportunity that puts me in a position to better assist with or deploy to any disaster event in the state to help with PIO roles such as information/warnings, media liaison, & community liaison.

Thank you to all our wonderful agencies working together to minimise the fire disaster impacts, to all those involved in the massive effort that is controlling the current fires, and to those maintaining the business as usual activities (that don’t just stop when disasters hit)!! Heroes, the lot of you!! 🧡

Many, many thanks to my encouraging and knowledgeable mentor, Trevor Doyle, and fellow trainee, Moreton PIO, Michelle Bowker for all the help and tips!! Look forward to working with you in the future!! ~ AB🌻
(Approval sought for posting photos from inside SOC – yes, I was on the news!)


Ep. 44 ~ March 2019 ~ Retro Pop Culture Meetup

Not gonna lie, it got a bit CRAZY on this month‘s podcast. With a RETRO theme, the gang discussed all things that made them who they are today, pop culture wise, of course!! With a variety of ages celebrating their childhoods from 1970’s to early 2000’s, we did a ton of reminiscing, and maybe a little arguing, about who’s generation had it best!! From Tintin to Crash Bandicoot to Pokemon to Tomb Raider to Youtube, no pop culture milestone was left unturned. #90skidftw

Talking about how good magazine and mailing lists (like actual mail) were to find out new bands or games from the reviews and DEMO DISKS!!! Aw man. ALSO, how much I dislike video gamer streamers and that there is now a generation who is being raised by them….. *rant* lol

Luke dropping the truth bombs about back in the day going to blockbuster and garage sales picking up random games and movies and not knowing anymore than the blurb on the back. No trailers, no internet. The absolute joy in finding a totally random and new… ahh the memories… Luke, our English friend, if you read this, it has been wonderful having you join us on your backpacking journey. Stay in touch, brother!!!

May thanks to Jeremy, Ray, Krishna, Felix, Oliver, Claire, Luke (and the popcorn gallery) for joining us on the pod!! Special thanks to Jacob for bringing along his fancy microphone for me to trial… hope the sound is sounding great!! 🙂

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Thx all ~AB&DrPM

Ep. 43 ~ Jan & Feb 2019 ~ Pop Culture Meetup

Round table discussion from the best and brightest pop culture minds that Brisbane has to offer!!

January 2019 guests – Jeffery, Jacob, Claire, Yugen, Krishna, Brad, Shaun, Liam & Jeremy.

February 2019 guests – Brad, Ray, Shaun, Jacob, Felix, Jeremey, Claire, Krishna, & Liam.


Playing, watching, and/or reading each month.

New Years Geeky Resolutions.

Little bit of pop culture news, little bit of rumour.

Movies or books we didn’t really like the idea of but then learned to love <3

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