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Started in Jan 2018 by Amanda Bacchi & Dr Paul Mason, the concept was created to record the weekly chats that they are always having about pop culture from around the world, and right here at home in Australia! With MUCH help from and after several discussions with the monthly comic book/pop culture meetup family (who have been getting together since October 2014 – every third Friday at Brisbane Square Library), this series was created to continue to bring people together through our common love of movies, tv shows, comic books, graphic novels, books, games, trailers, news, gossip, rumor, conventions, cosplay, and fun! We look forward to bringing you the very best educational, inspirational, and entertaining interviews with artists, writers, publishers, producers, podcasters, authors, actors, voice actors, who are at the very peak of their creative industries from here in Ausralia and around the world! There will also be regular updates and videos about Dr Paul’s work on Kid Phantom, through Frew Publications,  his other work with Gestalt Publishing (To be released), and anything else he is working on!


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