Join the gang from the monthly pop culture meetup at Brisbane Square Library (Dr Paul, Brad, Tess, Michel, Jeremy, Jacob, & Oliver) as they break down the weekly pop culture news! Chatting Westworld, Monkey Magic, Black Panther, Deadpool, Han Solo, & Lemony Snicket!! (Spoilers)

Since (Amanda) was away sick, Paul seemed to have lost total control in places so there were a few cuts, a lot of people talking over each other (manners people!), and several conversations happening at once (oops). But, all in all, fun times! Haha. Let’s do it again next month!

Deadpool & Han Solo trailer breakdown
Black Panther Review (kinda non-spoilery, but not?!)
Westworld Season 3 anticipation/breakdown from Jacob & Oliver
Monkey Magic Reboot: New Legends of Monkey (ABC iView/Netflix)
Lemony Snicket (depresssssinggg!! but Season 2 yey!!)
IT Horror Movie
Will Brad review 50 shades FREED?!?!?! Will heeeee?! Lol.
Jessica Jones Season 2 (spoliers)
Kickstarter – Eldritch Kid: Bone War Promo


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