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“I have had the pleasure of working with Amanda Bacchi for a number of years through Oz Comic-Con. At all times she is polite, professional, enthusiastic and always giving 100%. She would be an asset to any workplace.” – Sophie Blue (Blue Planet Public Relations)

“I have known Amanda for many years, beginning from her time as a Television presenter on a web series, through to her work on Briz 31 Digital, and now as a moderator at OZ Comic-Con. Her interviews are always professional and highly-researched, I find her to be highly professional in whatever task she undertakes, kind and full of energy. Her passion for popular culture is infectious, and her presentation is warm and engaging.” – Dr Paul Mason (Comic Book Artist, The Soldier Legacy, Phantom Comics)

“Having attended many panels moderated by Amanda I can attest to her extraordinary presenting skills and quick wit. She expertly handles multiple guests on stage while engaging large crowds and moving the conversation along in an energetic and entertaining way.” – Robbie Miles (Development Executive at Mushroom Pictures)

I have been working very closly with Amanda for the last year as the AV Tech on her stage at Oz Comic Con. Amanda has a unique ability to keep both the guests and attendees engaged and entertained. The extensive research and professionalism that is applied to all aspects of her panel moderation, as well as the easy going personable manner that engenders a feeling of inclusiveness and fun. Amanda would make a wonderfull addition to the Channel 11 family.” – Phil Hobson (Stage 3 AV Tech & Team Leader)

“I’ve been associated with Amanda’s work at cons for several years. I’ve always found her to be an imaginative and insightful host on the many panel discussions she has put together and MCed. Highly recommended for creative public work” –  Baden Kirgan (Managing Director – Jefferies Printing)

“I have known Amanda Bacchi for the past few years as a team leader, running and managing all of the activity on Stage 3 for Oz Comic Con. Her commentary through the microphone work Q&A sessions is articulate and knowledgable, and she shows a genuine interest in all of the guests she interviews. In addition, she ensures the volunteers she works with, have all gone through an induction she designed and wrote herself. She works tirelessly with her team with creative drive, knowing the requirements of the end event must be met. Amanda has an eclectic style and would be an asset to you!” – Jodie Lind (Office Manager, Oz Comic Con)

In my work as a public speaker, Ms. Bacchi’s assistance as a moderator and facilitator have been second to none. She performs with skill and charisma and a calm professionalism.” – Christian Read (Writer – Gestalt Publishing)

“I’ve known Amanda almost as long as I’ve been associated with Oz Comic Con, having volunteered for a number of years before officially working as Comics Guest Liaison. Although we are in different areas, my guests have their panels on Stage 3 with Amanda so we have a fairly close working relationship. Amanda is a professional, dedicated to her role. She always makes the effort to thoroughly research the guests before each show so that she is well prepared to talk to them. She is engaging as a moderator, and I’ve never heard a bad word about her from my guests. In her role she is also a team leader to several volunteers, so I know she’s both an effective leader and team player. Ultimately, Amanda is a genuinely lovely person who shows great care and dedication to both her coworkers and her work.” – Kate Polglaze (Oz Comic Con Team Leader Comics)

I’ve been working in conventions for the better part of two decades and Amanda is one of the best moderators I’ve ever worked with. Nobody does more research and meticulous planning and she’s also equally capable of interviewing off the cuff. Her panels are always the best, funniest and cleverest. Can’t think of anyone better for the job.” – Richard Harrison (Guest Handler, Oz Comic Con)

“Having worked in tandem with Amanda in high responsibility, celebrity related presentation to the public, it is my absolute pleasure to attest that she is a consummate professional, always prepared to the nth degree, blessed with the ability to be both confident and caring simultaneously. I have witnessed her work 12 hour days and having the same energy and enthusiasm at the end of the day that she did at the start. She is intelligent, relatable, and able to speak on a myriad of subjects in depth with ease.” – Rod Addamo (Guest Handler, Oz Comic Con)

“I’ve worked with Amanda on the Oz Comic-Con series of events since 2014. Amanda has MCd 12 of our events, with duties including managing stage volunteers, preparing questions and researching talent who will be on the stage during each event weekend. Amanda is poised, engaging and an enjoyable presence on stage. It’s a real treat having her at Oz Comic-Con.” – Laura Blagys (Community Manager at ReedPOP)

“Amanda ran an exceedingly smart and smooth panel with myself and many other creators for the Oz Comic Con. I’m always impressed with her ability to keep things moving, and the topics to go to meaningful places.” – Ryan K Lindsay (Freelance Writer)

Volunteer References

I have worked with Ms Bacchi through Oz Comic Con for 2 years and she is a great Stage Leader! She is constantly smiling and exudes passion in what she talks about – which ultimately inspires and motivates the team! She is so natural and confident in front of the camera, and her energy never stops. I cannot recommend anyone better suited for this job.” – Pearl Akanoa (Oz Comic Con Volunteer)

Having worked with Amanda as an Oz Comic Con volunteer, I can say that Amanda is a fun and passionate individual who is also a consummate professional in all that she does. She is a skilled and experienced presenter, as well as a caring and organised volunteer leader. Amanda would bring all of this and more to her role on Toasted TV, and I strongly recommend her for the position. – Dave Smartt (Volunteer Oz Comic Con)

“I enjoyed working with Amanda on Oz Comic Con day. Amanda is really a professional. I am very impressed the way she managed interviews and admired her knowledge. She is pleasant and organised lady. I love to work with her if I get an opportunity in future.” – Krishna Murthy (Volunteer Oz Comic Con)

I have worked with Amanda as a volunteer for Oz Comic Con and she is a very pleasant person to work with. She brings a lot of energy and passion to whatever she needs to do, she works well as a part of a team as well as leading a team. She is very good at being a host whether it is asking guests questions, helping them out, being funny or just speaking in front of a group of people. She is extremely organised, she is overall an amazing person to work with and I’d certainly recommend her for any role that she is going for!Daniel Niutta (Volunteer Oz Comic Con)

Australian Comic Arts Festival


“At the Australian Comic Arts Festival this year we asked Amanda to moderate a number of panels of differing styles and compositions and she took them all on with good humour and grace. She was well researched, exceptionally well prepared, managed our guests, including VIPs, with aplomb, dealt with audience questions more than effectively and was overall a phenomenal asset to the Festival. She is able to apply her extensive knowledge of comics, graphic novels, movies, tv shows and pop culture to a range of audience and guest interactions while at no time ever appearing bothered or flustered.

I hold Amanda and her work in such high esteem that at no point have I considered any other options for panel moderators for ACAF 2017. I look forward to working with her again as often as possible and would highly recommend her to both employers and Festival and Convention organisers looking for a team member to really make a difference to your organisation. Please feel free to contact me if you require any more information – I am more than happy to be a referee for Amanda.” – Cath Brinkley (Director ACAF)

31 Digital References


“I’m a puppeteer who performed on The Late Nite Show several times alongside Amanda – who was an extremely engaging, bubbly and fun co-host on the show. Among Amanda’s roles on The Late Nite Show, she was a panelist full of interesting trivia and witty comebacks, she was a roving reporter who’d interview people on the street and at events, and she appeared in various comedy skits with the other cast members. Community TV station 31 Digital was a great Brisbane station for film and TV crew members, as well as performers to get some hands on experience running TV shows. Similarly, popular Australian TV presenter Rove McManus got his start at Channel 31 in Melbourne. Ideally, it would be great to see Amanda revive her TV presenter roles on national commercial television. She could not only revive these skills, but have the opportunity to showcase her talent in bigger, better, and more exciting ways beyond what 31 Digital could afford! Amanda also performs as a live MC at various comic and cosplay events all around Australia. She has what it takes to become a nationally recognised TV personality.” – Brett Hansen (Owner and Principal Puppeteer of Larrikin Puppets – Kids’ & Corporate Events)

“I got to know Amanda through her work at Briz 31. I found her to be engaging, friendly, knowledgeable about her industry and so passionate about the things she loves that puts most of us to shame. I have kept in touch with her over the years and she has always proven to be articulate, thorough and dedicated to whatever she turns her mind to.” – Darren Hallesy (Special Publications Editor – Queensland Times at APN News & Media)

“I have worked with Amanda several times at digital 31. Her professionalism and hard work should be considered an asset to any company considering her for a position. Both times i was at the studio she was the first person there and the last one to leave. Any company that does not hire her is doing them selves a disservice.” – Joe Patrick (31 Digital Volunteer)


Brisbane Zombie Walk References


“Amanda has been an integral part of the zombie movement since her inception to the team. She has delivered time and time again with her performances and have brought new and innovative ideas to help with the progress of our event. I highly recommend her to any future employers and I can attest to her determination and hard work ethic.” – Anthony Radazza (Founder & Director of Brisbane Zombie Walk)

“I have three young children who love watching Toasted TV and they notice the changes within the male cohosts over the last few years. My little ones aged 9,7 and 5 also look forward to dressing up cray cray and attending Brisbane’s Zombie Walk every year, which is where I met Amanda a few years ago through her presenting and managerial roles for Brisbane’s biggest collection of zombies for the Brisbane Zombie Walk when I was volunteering as a professional photographer for the event. I am more than ecstatic for this opportunity for her to be a co-host on such an amazing fun show, keeping in touch with her via social media has given me the opportunity to see just how amazing she is with so many aspects of her life that happen to coincide with your show ie; her work with the wildlife at Cockatoo Craziness and as a Librarian through the effort and excitement she receives when hosting a reading of children’s books! Overwhelming happy to recommend Amanda Bacchi for the role of Female Co-host on Toasted TV!” – Crystal White (Photographer, Brisbane Zombie Walk)

Library References


“I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Amanda in Brisbane City Council Library Services for a period of two years and during that time, the most endearing qualities about her is her kindness, caring, and sensitivity in all her interactions with library customers and staff. She is hard working, methodical and a quick learner, an example of this is her keenness and adaptability in working in the environment of the book sorting machine, which is highly mechanised and computerised equipment, far removed from the traditional library work. Her enthusiasm, creativity and common sense culminates in boosts in library loans where ever she’s had her hands in setting up. I would not hesitation in recommending Amanda for any line of work she pursues.” – Mark Thorp (Brisbane City Libaries)

“I ran workshops at the Library Amanda worked at and she managed my particular events. I have also been involved with Amanda in a number of comic related groups and activities.
I can say without a doubt Amanda is enthusiastic, easy to work with, a real team player, highly creative and in touch with current social media and popular culture trends and activities. I think she would be a perfect candidate for the hosting job on offer. With her background in Libraries and Pop Culture events she knows the importantce of encouraging young chiildren right through to teenagers to express themselves within their culture, but also be hands on in learning and bettering their understanding of the world around them and their cutlures history.
I cannot recommend her enough. Also she is a lot of fun!” – Phillip Judd ( Cartoonist/Business Owner at Comic Express)

“Amanda is very committed to her career as a librarian and is an absolute pleasure to work with. She has excellent technical skills to compliment her outstanding people skills. Amanda is very adept at event management, including creating events that tie in with library collection promotion, management of talent, and presenting panels. She is an engaging and interesting speaker and interviewer. I would highly recommend Amanda to any future employers and collaborators that are lucky enough to work with her.” – Anita C (Brisbane City Libraries)

Comic Book Meetup

“I have known Amanda Bacchi for two years now and have been a member of the comic book meet up and observed several panels she served as a moderator at Oz Comic Con. She is always prepared with well planned and researched sessions. Any media organisation would be incredibly lucky to have her on their team.” – Brad Mengel (Author, attendee for 2yrs)

‘I have had the pleasure of working with Amanda Bacchi on numerous occasions, and her skills as a public speaker, and event organiser are some of the best I’ve encountered. Amanda is a skilled professional in her craft and she knows how to keep an audience entertained. When I was working with Amanda at OzComicCon, I noticed how well she tailored her communication style to the audience very effectively and respectfully. Amanda is actively involved in the Brisbane comic & pop culture community; she facilitates and hosts a monthly comic book meetup. She is a subject matter expert for comics, games, movies and pop culture for people of all ages. I would recommend Amanda Bacchi as a presenter for any event..” – Liam McKernan (ZERSTOR CREATIVE, attendee for 2 yrs)

‘Amanda is a bright and engaging host and moderator who shows organizational and promotional initiative. Her events are fun and informative, with a pleasant atmosphere’  – Henry G.  (Attendee for 2yrs)


Other Employment

“Amanda is an exceptional person, with not only a high degree of experience but a warmth that is infectious. Instantly likeable and highly professional. I would recommend her for any role simply because of her professionalism and ease to work with.” – Stephan Faichney (General Manager Training, Employment & Real Estate /General Manager Strive International at Access Community Services)

“Amanda has excellent skills and I fully recommend her to any potential employer. She is a team player and has very good interpersonal skills, computer skills with an eye for detail.” – Kathleen Marsh (Psychotherapy/ Hypnotherapy)

I interacted with Amanda both as a client and a co-worker at a non-government organisation. She is energetic, highly intelligent and displayed exceptional service to both internal and external customers in her role.– Richard Munoz (Endeavour Foundation 2010)

Please visit my LinkedIn for more information: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amandabacchi

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