Amanda Bacchi joins Mark Sexton in a relaxed, wide-ranging conversation about his career working in comics such as Mad Max and Judge Dredd, and storyboarding movies such as Dark City, Happy Feet, Star Wars (Ep II) and recently, Mad Max: Fury Road. There’s sure to be some industry gossip in all that!

Also, did his early career choice in genetics give him any insight into his creations? Perhaps Bug and Stump are actually real mutations cooked up in a secret lab somewhere in the Blue Mountains, and his comics were actually documentaries? The TISM comic was certainly true to life, surely!

Presenter: MARK SEXTON

Mark Sexton is an illustrator and writer who has worked in films and in comics for far too long a time for it to be “just a phase”, as his parents hoped.

In the middle of a PhD in Genetics back in the early 90’s, Mark decided to relax by writing and drawing comic books – the fondly remembered “Bug & Stump” with co-creator John Petropoulos.  This proved to be rather enjoyable and in a fit of (in)sensibility, he quit his promising career in science for the life of an impoverished comic book creator, setting up AAARGH! Comics with John.

This was very entertaining and “Bug & Stump” proved rather popular, garnering a number of awards and a legion of fans.  But fate had other plans.  AAARGH! Comics also produced the now infamous “TISM” comic which was rather dramatically banned and withdrawn from sale by its distributors 24 hours after release.  Mark received a rap over his knuckles and was told he was a “very naughty boy”.  AAARGH! Comics quietly folded.

The very next week, Mark got a gig as a storyboard artist on the cult film “Dark City” and has been working in film ever since…

He’s worked on – amongst others – “Star Wars Episode 2”, “Mission Impossible 2” and “Happy Feet”, the last on which he was Production Designer as well as on storyboards.  But his favourite film to have worked on was “Mad Max: Fury Road”, for which he did storyboards and concept design.

Recently though, Mark has returned to his original folly – comics!  He has recently worked as co-writer and artist on the “Mad Max: Fury Road” prequel comics for DC/Vertigo, which just won the Diamond Gem Award for Best Licensed TPB for 2015. Currently he’s producing “Judge Dredd” for 2000AD, and there’s more to come!

When Mark occasionally emerges from his studio, he discovers that he still lives in Sydney and really should get out more.


Amanda Bacchi is a stage host and panel moderator for pop culture events across Australia, interviewing local and international authors, comic artists & writers, actors, voice talent, puppeteers, and cosplayers.


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