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Starting out as ‘that chick in the comic book shop’ in 2012, Amanda Bacchi was a part of a Youtube web series as the ‘girly geek’ host, interviewer, media liaison, podcaster and scriptwriter, discussing current TV series, movies, gaming, comics, books, and local events. Amanda’s crafty communication skills managed to wrangle the program onto 5 community TV channels across Australia and New Zealand for 2 seasons.

An interview about the series led to a permanent co-hosting gig with the weekly, variety/comedy program The Late Night Show LIVE on Brisbane’s Community TV channel 31 Digital as their pop culture correspondent. Media coverage of Brisbane Zombie Walk since 2012, lead to Amanda hosting their main stage and costume competition in 2014/15. She was crowned the Australian Zombie Walk Queen (by Foxtel) for her cosplay in 2013, and has judged cosplay competitions for the Brisbane Alternative Expo and Drawn2Life for the last 2 years.

After conducting some impromptu guest interviews for the Oz Comic-Con media team, Amanda was recruited to be a core staff member and Stage 3 Coordinator in September 2014. Her main role is the host/moderator for comic book artists/creators, voice actor, film actor, and writer/author/publisher guests for the Oz Comic Con popular culture conventions across Australia.

Amanda loves her job as an Assistant Librarian in Brisbane, especially her work in facilitating pop culture events such as the monthly comic book meetup which has been running since Oct 2014.

When she is not involved in Pop Culture events and hosting, she can be found at the Chaos farm; the home base for Bawden’s Cockatoo Chaos, a mobile wildlife educational facility for which she has been an animal trainer and presenter at shows, schools, and conventions for many years.

For more information, you can find Amanda Bacchi on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as @backflip_bacchi

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