Trivia Questions!!

  1. There’s a new Netflix Marvel series starting TODAY. Name it:
    1. Jessica Fletcher
    2. Jessica Rabbit
    3. Jessica Jones
    4. AKA Jessica Jones
    5. Missus….Missus Jooooonnnneeesss…Bonus: In the Bendis written comic series, what is her former, original superhero alias?
  1. Name one other Marvel superhero character which will appear in the show:
    1. Luke Perry
    2. Luke Cage
    3. Nicholas Cage
    4. Cage Cage
    5. Cagey Mc Cage Cage
  1. Killgrave has been named as the main villain of the Jessica Jones series- what is his super villain persona?:
    1. The Purple Man
    2. The Koolaid Guy
    3. Tombstone
    4. The Cobalt Man
    5. The Crayola Man
      1. Bonus: In the comic books, who is Killgrave’s original nemesis?
  1. Supanova expo will host Comic book creator Dave Gibbons. Which series has Dave NOT illustrated?
    1. Watchmen
    2. Batman: The Killing Joke
    3. The Secret Service
    4. Rogue Trooper
    5. Green Lantern


  1. James Bond hit the Big screen again this month. What was the name of the secret criminal organization that featured in the film?
    1. HYDRA
    2. SPECTRE
    3. A.O.S
    4. A.D
    5. N.P

  1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens film comes out in December. Who, according to the internet, is sadly absent from the trailer, despite being announced for the film?
    1. Luke Skywalker
    2. Admiral Ackbar
    3. Tony Abbott
    4. Yoda
    5. Jar Jar Binx


  1. In the original1966 Batman TV show which character below was NOT specifically created for the series?
    1. Barbara Gordon
    2. Shame
    3. EggHead
    4. King Tut
    5. The Archer
  2. Chris O’Donnell played Robin in the Joel Schumacher carwrecks Batman Forever and Batman and Robin. Who was originally cast to play the Boy Wonder in the live action films based on Tim Burton’s take?
    1. Haley Joel Osmond
    2. Marlon Wayans
    3. Tom Cruise
    4. Johnny Depp
    5. Mike Tyson
  1. Tim Sale is currently illustrating The Jeph Loeb-written Captain America: White, one of a number of classic Marvel Comic hero origin/”colours” series done by the pair. Which one below is NOT one of their comic book series?
    1. Spider-man: Blue
    2. Iron Man: Gold
    3. Hulk: Grey
    4. Daredevil: Yellow
    5. Wolverine/Gambit
  2. Gestalt Comic’s The Deep by Supanova guests Tom Taylor and James Brouwer will premiere on 7Two at the end of November as an animated series. What is the name of the pet fish?
    1. Nemo
    2. Flounder
    3. Jerry
    4. Jeffrey
    5. Spongebob


  1. Who was cast to play Brainiac in the aborted Tim Burton Superman Lives! film?
    1. Kevin Spacey
    2. Woody Allen
    3. Jean Claude Van Damme
    4. Christopher Walken
    5. Malcolm Turnbell.
      1. Bonus: What is the connection between this unmade Superman film, and the Will Smith movie Wild Wild West?
  1. The Finding Dory trailer was released recently. Put these Pixar moives in order of release date? (eg: b, c, d, a, e)
    1. A Bug’s Life
    2. Ratatouille
    3. Brave
    4. Toy Story 2
    5. Wall – E

Total: ___ /15


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