A young family dumped this poor puff at the Brisbane Bird Vet with a broken leg and refused to pay the bill. They didn’t care.

Since I go in and annoy the staff there on a semi-regular basis, I took her home for ‘the weekend’, which turned into ‘when she gets her cast taken off’, which turned into ‘ok we will keep her’!!

Unfortunately, I was really sick and away a lot at the time, so she was good company for Paul, to whom she became thoroughly attached xx

Cheese’s leg healed really well and really quickly. She was surgically sexed as a demonstration to the vet students while she was under anesthetic getting her cast taken off, and psittacosis tested to make sure she was healthy and happy.

She now has a big cage, a play gym, daily fruit/veg, and flowers to keep her busy.
And, of course, lots of out of cage time for head scratches! 🙂
Here is a cute pic of her being a wild inside bird!!

Sadly, LunaCheese’s story is a common one at most vet surgeries. People not just dumping birds, but all animals. People not realising the commitment required to not only own an animal, but to take care of it – not only physically but also financially and emotionally. When told that if they looked after her properly that she could live for 25 years, and be a loving member of the household, this family laughed and said that the young daughter should have 3 kids of her own by then! Worst of society. Take responsibility for your animals, people!


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