Hey so, do you remember Alf?

*Well, with 90’s toy franchises such as The Smurfs, Ted and GI Joe all making a comeback recently, with big blockbuster movies, Sony has recently acquired the rights to 80’s alien sitcom.

*You know the one right? Starring that kinda ugly brown alien puppet. No NOT Alf Stewart!

*His real name was Gordon Shumway, he crash landed on Earth and lived with the Tanner family—nerdy dad, Willie; uptight mum, Kate; bratty teen, Lynn; and his bestest little buddy, Brian.

*Oh, and he liked to eat cats (my favourite part about him really).

*ALF, which stands for Alien Life Form, has been placed in the hands of Jordan Kerner, the man behind The Smurfs adaptation. He’ll produce the CG/live-action hybrid, together with show creator Tom Patchett.

*They plan to use the vocal talents of Paul Fusco, who voiced ALF in all 101 episodes of the series, the cartoon, and the numerous appearances that followed.

*Although I kinda want to whinge about it being ANOTHER remake, I’m a little interested to see if the creators start this story from the beginning, so new audiences can relate, or whether they will pick up right where we left off.

*No writers or directors have latched on just yet but I’m sure they’ll be more details to come in the next couple of months.

*Either way, ALF will be one movie not to miss.

[wpvideo b0G3DUXT]


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