At first glance Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes appears to be “just another” Lego game, following in the footsteps of Star Wars, Harry Potter and its predecessor Lego Batman: The Videogame, BUT this is definitely not the case.[wpvideo 7Eo2MVQ1]

*After losing out to Bruce Wayne in the “Man of the Year” awards, Lex Luthor teams up with the Joker to bring him down. Enter The World’s Finest team of Batman and Superman, and eventually the entire Justice League roster, to save Gotham from the bad guys and their destructive escapades, which include busting out the prisoners from Arkham Asylum.

*While the game does retain the classic elements of the traditional Lego games, such as punching, jumping, flying, and character switching, there are a few massive differences.

*Firstly, the Lego Batman 2 game has a character line up of 50 different super heroes and villans. This includes the entire justice league team, their respective abilities, costumes and gadgets, making interactions and the general gaming experience even more fun. For the first time, there are a select few fully-voiced characters, as opposed to their previously silent state.

*Hardcore bat fans may also notice that featured throughout the game is Danny Elfman’s music from the Batman and Batman Returns films.

*The other major change is the dropping of the traditional centralised Level Selection hub. In its place is a new open-world Gotham to explore. Instead of sitting in the Batcave hitting left or right to select a level, you can now drive, fly, run or walk to your next level by following the Bat Signal, on your radar.

*This new ‘open world’ of Gotham provides endless hours of exploration, fun, puzzles and general colour. You are free to wander to find gold and red bricks, unlocking new characters, weapons, costumes, power ups and bonuses. It also means that two player mode is now in a split screen format, giving each player a dedicated screen to maneuver around the map at their will.

*The puzzles make more sense, and are less complicated compared to previous games, meaning that if you are not a hardcore gamer, like me, you will really enjoy the simple, fun game play.

*However, exploration of Gotham can be difficult at times. The mechanics of flying can be a little hard, and finding a waypoint marker in Gotham can be difficult, requiring constant checking of the map.

*In the absence of the traditional ‘central level hub’ it is a little harder to keep track of what levels you have done in the Free Play mode, and there are some places where the game can be glitchy or freeze for short periods of time.

*The pros clearly outweigh the cons. Lego Batman 2 is an easy and fun game to play, building on the well respected Lego game franchise, with some intuitive new additions.

*Pick it up today on PlayStation 3, Nintendo, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows.


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