At Supanova Gold Coast last April, I had the amazing opportunity to talk to so many people who had put an amazing amount of effort into their cosplay costumes and outfits.

Aaron Watson (Captain SuperAzza), Alex Hollingsworth and Aly Williams were a few of those people (The Punisher/Superman). Since February, they have been working on the idea for Drawn 2 Life (D2L) which is an umbrella organisation for people with high quality costumes to come together and help raise money for the Starlight foundation, and other charities, by attending and creating fundraising events.

The D2L website went live last Saturday, to provide, ‘a forum where people can come together, talk about costuming, help each other build their creations and actively promote a friendly environment. Something which the costuming community has been lacking’, said Captain SuperAzza.

If you were at the Mater Hospital 5KS fun run at Southbank in Brisbane last weekend, you would have seen Batman, Masterchief, Loki, 2x Catwomen and Scarlet Witch all walking the event in costume to raise money for the kids.

*Stayed tuned for an interview by Matt (Masterchief) in this weeks ‘The Courier Mail’.

If you are thinking that you will be able to go and hire your costume from the shop for D2L events, think again!! This is for serious, die-hard, over 18, cosplayers ONLY, with some costumes taking years to create. It is expected that the members of the group create costumes of a reasonable standard and provides a fair representation of the character they are embodying.

‘All we ask is people take a few photos of their costume, submit it to the relevant section chief with the reference pictures they based the costume on, and if it meets the criteria, you become approved and able to join us at events’, said Captain SuperAzza.

Drawn to Life will be taking advantage of the many comic book and super hero movies that are being released in South East Queensland cinemas over the next few months/years. Make sure to add them on Facebook (click here) so that you will be able to catch up with them to raise funds and awareness for local charities, and get your photo taken.

‘We also have a few more charity events lined up, video game launches, and even social events where we can just get to know each other and relax’, said Captain SuperAzza.

If you think you have a kick-ass costume and want to get involved in a dedicated, not-for-profit organisation, that is sure to be full of amazing, generous, friendly people, head to the website to find out more about how to become a member.

You can catch up with the Drawn to Life crew at your next local comic convention!


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