We’re Alive, a zombie horror podcast out of California, is written and directed by KC Wayland. Following in the steps of the War of the World type radio stories that were popular in the 1940’s and 50’s, this intrepid tale follows the story of three soldiers, and a small group of civilians, struggling to survive in the city of Los Angeles, during a typical zombie apocalypse.

Barricaded inside an apartment building, the soldiers and civilians must defend themselves, not only against the hordes of attacking zombies, but also against a group of hostile survivors, intent on taking the apartment for themselves.

While it has a typical storyline, there are plenty of plot twists that keep audiences guessing.

The talented performance of the voice actors will endear you to each character, so much so, that you may often find yourself waiting impatiently for the next installment, to discover whether your favourite character survives or not.

As someone who doesn’t really listen to audio books, I was really overwhelmed by the fact that it challenged me to identify with such a traumatic adventure, through the recollection of my own visual experiences.

If you have ever been brave enough to play video games such as Silent Hill or Fallout, and like that style of eerie, menacing audio, then you will really enjoy the sound effects heard throughout this podcast. It sounds like what you would hear if you shut your eyes and leave the tv on during ‘The Walking Dead’ or ‘Zombieland’.

Please be aware We’re Alive does contain coarse language, and adult situations. It may be unsuitable for younger audiences.

The zombie phenomenon, as I am now calling it, has crossed into yet another medium. You have read the comics, seen the movies, and played the games… now be prepared to confront the brain eating menace on a whole other level! Subscribe for free through iTunes, or check out their website at werealive.com to experience the story yourself!


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