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I think its fair to say that yesterday was one of the best days of my entire life. This is going to be a long one so stick with me! I would like to the team for doing such a great job, especially camera man who had the joy (or not!) of following me around all day, and taking my photo with all the random cosplay characters and celebrities that i could find!!

We weren’t given a media pack to let us know what we were doing throughout the day so I sat up most of the night researching the different celebrities or ‘Supa-Stars’ that would be attending. Jumped in the car at 7 am for the 2 hour trip to the Gold Coast and at one of the petrol stations we stopped at, about 30 minutes away from the convention centre, I saw this car with the blink 182 logo on it (already the coolest car I had seen all trip)… and massive electrical tape writing that said SUPANOVA, across the back window… (see pic) I was already ridiculous amounts of excited but it was then that I knew that it was going to be a flipping amazing day. And it SO was!!!

So we got in and set up and everything, needed to make a call to get my name on the media list (turns out im not as famous as I think I am haha) but it was all good, left our stuff with the really cool guys at the comics plus booth. there was lovely ‘snow white’ make up lady who was doing rad zombie make up, bullet holes and general burns and scars. After much begging it was decided that because I may be meeting a fair few people, it was PROBABLY be that I not get zombified so as not to scare them away (not my choice btw i flipping love zombies!) Speaking of zombies, stay tuned for an amazing interview I did with the crew from Brisbane Zombie Walk, and a Resident Evil Costume Group.

We headed over to the opening of the front doors to the main room, and it was like a scene out of The Walking Dead (where the zombies are trying to get out of the door of the hospital). On our side there were a lot of scared/nervous looking people, the doors were shaking and banging, and we KNEW we were about to get trampled when the hoards came through the door!! I had to sit down, I was so nervous!! After all, I’m not that great at making things up on the spot, and I had never done interviews or anything like this before!!

We dragged a few people in costumes over and interviewed them off to the side. There were a LOT of anime costumes, and although I am somewhat familiar with anime I still struggled. I think the worst interview I did was with a young guy, I asked him how he made his avatar costume, as he was painted blue and had dreads, I thought it was the logical conclusion to make right??!! WRONG!!! Ummmmmmm, he says, I’m actually the zombie out of Soul Eater. O_______o (Opps!!) And it had to be the ONE anime that I actually really like that I get wrong!! Oh well…

We then headed down to artists alley and got to meet some amazing writers, creators and artists such as Stewart McKenny,  Tom Taylor, and Paul Mason. Stay tuned over the next few weeks for a bit more background information and interviews with those guys, they were super cool to talk to about what they have been working on recently!!

Off we went to the signing area where I spotted Chandler Riggs. Did I flip out? Yes!!!! And I was really shocked because for some reason there was NO ONE IN HIS LINE!! I was like omg omg omfffmg odjhqoerhjg (yes I did revert to jibbeerish as a form of communication!) I was so redic amounts of excited. I went straight over and asked the securities guys if i could do an interview. They called the wonderful publicist Lional who was so fantastic, not only did he get us an interview with Chandler Riggs, but also the beautiful Jamie Alexander (who commented on how lovely my eye make up was! we totally had a moment!!) We also spoke to voice actor Richard Horvitz who just had so much energy that it made the interview one of the most enjoyable of the day! Again, check back soon for more information and the interviews!

Once Lional saw that we were legit (with two camera men, two hosts, and a director!) he managed to set us up with our very own backstage media / green room (!!!!!!!) where we were given the absolutly amazing chance to interview SupaStar after SupaStar including: Brandon Sanderson (Wheel of Time), Brian Michael Bendis (Marvel), Tristan Jones (Ghostbusters, TMNT), Carlos Pacheco (Uncanny X-Men), and Shane Rangi (LOTR, Narnia, Avengers). Again stay tuned for these great interviews over the next few weeks!!

We finished the day up with dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, I had a delish pina colada (got a free cup – WINNING), then we headed back to our fancy hotel rooms and recorded a Geek Speak Live Podcast for your listening pleasure! Keep an eye out for it over the next few days!

Overall, it was great to see so many people getting dressed up and supporting their favourite anime and steam punk characters, but I was expecting to see more movies, comics and tv show related atendees. Highlights with the costumed characters were the Disney Princesses, Yoshi and Princess Peach, Iron Man (he was wearing the full suit without the helmet and he looked like a Tony Stark who had a big night!), our very own Toowoombarian, Nick Scotney, put a colassal amount of effort into his Batman cosume, making it out of rubber, material, buckles, paper mache and paint!! The highlight of the costumes would of had to of been a lovely girl dressed very authentically as Denarys Targaryan from Game of Thrones! I will hopfully put up some pictures over the next few days for you to have a look at! And again stayed tuned for interviewed with these guys, I asked them a few questons about not onlly their costumes, but what they wanted to see at Supanova and what they wanted to buy, things like that.

I totally crashed when we got back to the hotel room, it was such a HUGE day of meeting such wonderful team, and just generally being involved in a world where I feel so much at home. I can’t WAIT for Brisbane in November!!


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