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Ummm it's kinda like, you know how, when that thing.... can you just NOT find the right things to say when it comes to advertising your business or blog? Do you need help with content creation or ideas? Or do you need an event host to wow your company when that big guest comes to town?? Why be boring when you can stand out from the crowd!!

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Need a new perspective? With my Public Relations Degree and 20 years of unique experiences, we will be able to convince & convert your customers to your brand, or wow your audience with informative, educational, and inspiring content and event hosting. Telling your story, in your voice.

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Amanda Bacchi - Bacchi Moderations & Copywriting
Hi, I’m Amanda Bacchi!

Need authentic, unique, affordable, fast, friendly, experienced copywriting?

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What Colleagues Say...

My work so far has centred around content creation, research, and moderation in service of events, interviews, and topic-specific panels which require a high level of creativity and attention to detail. There are more, but here are a few testimonials from my linkedin page: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amandabacchi
Event Manager

Event Manager

Oz Comic Con / Reed pop

'Amanda is a professional communicator whom I have seen working in the exciting world of pop culture events, conducting live discussion sessions and seminars, and interviewing special subject matter experts on live or recorded feeds. She is bright, fast-thinking and brings out the best in her interview subjects. The woman is a strong media asset for an organization.'

International Guest

International Guest

Australian Comic Arts Festival

"I have known Amanda for many years, beginning from her time as a Television presenter on a web series, through to her work on Briz 31 Digital, and now as a moderator at OZ Comic-Con. Her interviews are always professional and highly-researched, I find her to be highly -professional in whatever task she undertakes, kind and full of energy. Her passion for popular culture is infectious, and her presentation is warm and engaging."

Fellow Librarian

Fellow Librarian

Brisbane Libraries

"Amanda is very committed to her career as a librarian and is an absolute pleasure to work with. She has excellent technical skills to compliment her outstanding people skills. Amanda is very adept at event management, including creating events that tie in with library collection promotion, management of talent, and presenting panels. She is an engaging and interesting speaker and interviewer. I would highly recommend Amanda to any future employers and collaborators that are lucky enough to work with her. "